Need a quick, last minute Christmas card?

You know the old saying – “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”? Well, this paper crafter didn’t have enough Christmas cards! I made so many for my Stamp-a-Stack and other events that I ran out of time to make enough cards for myself. So what to do?

We always do a short newsletter since we don’t get to see family and friends as often as we’d like (yes, I know people say they hate them, but we love getting them). Especially since some aren’t on Facebook (gasp!). I had a brilliant idea (at least I think so!) to take all my leftover Christmas DSP papers from years past and create a quick card! I also had leftover bright red legal size envelopes from am earlier party invite that I wanted to use to mail my cards. I cut my DSP to 9″ on one side and then cut 4″ pieces to get 3 card bases per sheet. That’s it! I used SNAIL to attached to top edge of our letter to one side. Our Merry Christmas greetings show once I folded the letters.

Here’s the back of the greeting Christmas card/letter before I folded it.


Easy instructions to make your own quick cards.

  • Cut off a 3″ piece of 12×12 DSP along the side you want to show. Pay careful attention to the patterns on both sides to make sure any designs are going the “right” way.
  • Turn the sheet to the 12″ side and cut it into three 4″ pieces. You will end up with three 9″ x 4″ DSP cards.
  • We printed our letter on regular 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper.  I cut 1/2″ off the top of the paper (so it was 8-1/2″ x 10’1/2″) so my greeting was right at the top edge so that it would peak out after I folded it.
  • I scored the paper (carefully, especially if you are using regular paper, it will tear if you do it too hard) from the bottom of my letter at 3-1/4″ and 6-3/4″ to get my folds right, allow my greeting to be visible and all fit on the 9″ x 4″ piece of DSP.

Here’s the final folded card ready to go into the envelopes.

We wrote hand messages to each recipient on the back “white” folded part to personalize each letter. I was pleased with the outcome and it didn’t take me more than a short afternoon to put them together, write our notes (with my hubby’s help), and mail them! I’ll have to remember this idea in future years when I run out of time and energy to finish my cards! I might even have a quick Stamp-A-Stack class on making these next year!

Have fun making these fast cards – and it’s a way to use up all those extra pieces of DSP you have. You could even do birthday and other celebration invitations using our other Stampin’ Up! DSP! Be sure to look for the new invitation stamp set in the Spring catalog starting January 3 (#151485)!

Janice B from

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