2019 Graduation Day – my middle grandson!

Tonight my middle grandson is graduating high school with honors! I’ve shared a number of pictures of him and my oldest granddaughter when they were younger, but he now towers over me (and so does his sister, she’s going to be a sophomore in high school next year!) Unfortunately we missed her choir and soccer banquets, both of which she received special honors for being the only freshman to make the varsity team and choir! But we are so proud of both of them and their accomplishments. And they are great kids…they will even play cards and board games with their grandma (me) whenever they visit. I know they’d rather be on their iPhones, but they indulge me.

Here’s the latest pictures from Christmas with him, his prom photos and several of our granddaughter.  Big night ahead for him and then he’s off to college at Texas A&M. Oh no, that means he’s an aggie, an arch rival of my alma mater – UT Longhorns! LOL

So no crafting today as we enjoy our family get-t0gether to celebrate his graduation ceremony and dinner! Happy stamping to all of you. See you next week!

:)JB Stamper


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