The trials and tribulations of my “Season’s Greetings” CASE card

I follow Connie Stewart and love her quick & simple, yet beautiful cards she makes. This one caught my eye and I decided to CASE it…with a few modifications. Now, she did said it was quick and simple…hmm…I always seem to make things more complicated! I decided to heat emboss my greeting…oops..first time I forgot to use my embossing buddy and had “extras” all over the front and ink from the edge of the stamp. (and the lines were made after I tried version 2 and failed with free-hand. I put this piece back on the Simply Scored board to see if it would work that way – and it did-whew!).

Well, okay, second attempt was better. But then I decided I wanted to add Cherry Cobbler lines on the score lines. Of course I did this after the card was completely assembled. Another boo-boo. Oh my…a free-hand drawer I am not, even with the score lines there.

Third attempt. Gave up on heat embossing and just stamped greeting, Cherry Cobbler lines high-lighted just after I scored them and still on my Simply Scored board. And ta-da…

So, many lessons learned, but I’m pleased with my final CASE of Connie’s WOW card! And just so you, everyone makes mistakes, sometimes many, before they come up with a finished card you like! And sometimes the boo-boos are better than your original idea! Don’t be afraid to keep trying until it looks just right to you!

Here’s the inside which went much better, 1st try worked – LOL!

Thanks Connie for your inspiration, I just had to add the “sweat & tears” to get it made.

Here’s the supplies for this card.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have you decided on your Christmas or Holiday cards yet? Let me know if you need any supplies, help, or suggestions.

Janice B



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