Aren’t family visits wonderful?

My baby sister and her twin daughters (my nieces) stopped by to visit me Tuesday and Wednesday. They are driving back to college in Texas for the fall semester after spending the summer at home in Florida. It was fun to see how grownup they are now, heading to their last year in college. I can still remember when they were just babies and toddling around our house during their visits, and playing violin concerts for us when they were only 6. Here’s  their Christmas picture when they were 3.And this is when my parents visited them in Florida when they were 7.

We had fun shopping and going to the Houston Museum of Natural Science Butterfly Center today.

And this is the crazy picture my nieces took of my baby sister and myself. Not the best lighting on me, but a fun (or funny?) picture nevertheless.
My sister is flying back home today after getting her daughters safely to my house in Houston. Next stop, Georgetown to see their 91 year old grandfather, our dad, before heading to their dorms to start the fall semester on Friday.

Thanks for letting me share part of my family with you today. See you tomorrow for another card, with several variations, using the Tropical Escape suite of products.

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