Another wild Friday Sip and Stamp night

Friday night’s JB Stamper’s Sip and Stamp night was such a wild success, I can’t post pictures – LOL. Actually we got so involved in stamping our cards and talking, I totally forgot to take any pictures! So here’s the “aftermath” pictures of my craft table on Saturday morning instead. The ladies always leave their craft area so neat, I wonder if they really did any stamping…they are amazing.

Unlike what my craft table it looks like after a week of my own crafting and creating…maybe I need them around more to keep my craft room less messy?

I love when we all get together to catch up, and make beautiful cards. We do just as much talking as we do stamping, but it’s fun to get away from our routines and just kick back. Need a break from your routine? Join us next month for another Friday night “Sip & Stamp” with beautiful “Spring is in the air” cards!

Back tomorrow with the last of my subtle thank you card series (part of the set of cards we made on Friday night!).

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1 Response to Another wild Friday Sip and Stamp night

  1. Me says:

    I had so much fun 🙂 ❤


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