A look back…at love

I thought it might be fun on this last day in February to share some of my previous love cards.  So sit back and take a minute to see a number of my cards I’ve shared over the last few years!

AugustPP-JBStamper SU-2015-My-Hearts-Tied-to-You SU-2015-Love-in-the-Bag SU-2015-More-Sweets-box SU-2016-JBStamper-JBStamper-ValentinesTreats BloominHeart-border-JBStamper LotsofHearts-inside-JBStamper BloominHearts-square-JBStamper LotsofHearts-JBStamper PocketValentines-JBStamper PocketValentines-open-JBStamper ValentineCandy-1-JBStamper ValentineCandy-2and3-JBStamper ValentineCandy-4-JBStamper ValentineCandy-5-JBStamper ValentineCandy-6-JBStamper ValentineCandy-5-inside-JBStamper

SU-2016-FMS250-challenge-JBStamper sunshine-love-wishes-mojo481 so-in-love-mojo480

Thanks for stopping by for a little “Love Fest”. I hope you enjoyed these cards and projects and feel the love in your life!

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