Online Extravaganza – 24-hour flash sale tomorrow only


Ah…Thanksgiving is over, and the shopping has begun. Did you spend your Friday hitting all the special Black-Friday deals? I no longer feel the need to hit the crowed stores, I do almost all my shopping online these days. So much easier and relaxing, especially if it’s late in the day and I have my glass of wine to sip as I look for the things I absolutely need for gifts (or for my craft room)!  So, back to shopping online…tomorrow you have one last chance to get these Nov 21-28-online deals while shopping in your PJs. And just in time to make those cards and tags for your holiday packages you just bought!

Meanwhile, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving day celebration with family and friends. We spent Thanksgiving day with our kids and grandkids at home this year. It was a relaxing day with lots of good food, wine and games. I love board games, I make everyone put away their iPhone games and play together. Of course, I get groans from my 16 and 12 year old grandkids. I think they enjoy it, or at least tolerate it for a few hours. On Friday they were off to their annual pumpkin chunking’ contest. Never heard of that? Google it…it’s an interesting sport (?). I choose to watch their Facebook videos of the antics and “accomplishments” rather than attending the live event. On Friday we drove up to spend the day with my dad, my sisters and their families for a belated Thanksgiving celebration.


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