My crafty kitty – she loves to dig through my Stampin’ Up! supplies!

As many of you may know, one of my sweet kitties loves to be in my craft room whenever I am there. She will sit on the counter and watch me and occasionally knock things down so she can bat them around on the floor. I’ve learned to keep some things out her reach or she creates a mess…stamping embossing powder containers and small embellishments and ribbons (she loves to chew on them and has even eaten a few!). This past weekend, she pulled another “I’ve got to see what’s back here….” I tried blocking her access earlier in the day with the white baskets on the right, but she was one determined kitty! I just happen to catch most of her antics on video. She was determined to pull the box of cards out (it was flush with the other boxes when she started) so she could crawl under and behind my shelves.

She was so funny and at then at the end she looked at me and seemed to say, “what, I was looking for things. Why did you interrupt me?” She was at it again last night and I gave up and just moved the box so she could get behind everything.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed Lexie’s antics!

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