Bling, sparkle, shine…oh I love these treat boxes!

Bling, sparkle, and shine, you can’t have too much of this on your card and projects. And I have a great, and very easy way to accomplish this! With your July 2016 What a Gem Paper Pumpkin kit! It’s out just in time for my “Gift Bags, Boxes and Tags” stamp night coming up in August!

This kit is filled with fancy fun! It includes eight pretty and polished treat boxes in two sizes that you can personalize with gem-toned tassels and mini cards. You’ll have plenty of treats on hand to brighten someone’s day! Look at all you get and can make! And then email me to see how you can get yours!

Order your Paper Pumpkin subscription from me now, just click on the Paper Pumpkin button on the left!


To bling or not to bling, that IS NOT the question!

Of course you’re going to add bling! It makes your projects sparkle and stand out!

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2 Responses to Bling, sparkle, shine…oh I love these treat boxes!

  1. JB Stamper says:

    I was “sad” you had yours and I didn’t, but it was at my front door when I got home tonight…off to open it and put one together!! Funny, I was just thinking about you yesterday wondering how you were doing! We miss you also!


  2. Deepa M. says:

    I think I squealed when I opened up my box this month!! I hadn’t seen any sneak peeks anywhere so it was a total surprise. I’m so excited to put mine together 🙂 Wish I could be at your class, I miss crafting with you gals!


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