Easter scavenger hunt was successful, I think?!

And so the hunt begins. Dziadzi (grandpa in Polish) had to don his Sherlock Holmes hat from London to start the games off. Then Emma got to take over wearing the hat as she search for her clues.


Emma-Dziadzi's-shoe Emma-toothpicks Emma-gate

The hard part on this clue was that I have a lot of big baskets all over the house! She had to keep looking for while on this one! This wasn’t the right one!


Lost the wool Sherlock Holmes hat, got too hot running around 3 floors of our townhouse and outside. It was a beautiful 75 degrees yesterday.Emma-sewing

Ah success…the prize was hidden in the vegetable drawer with the spinach!Emma-Wins

Will headed off in different directions for his clues, but they did cross paths at times.


Geez grandma, I didn’t know that was a fig tree – it only has a few branches and leaves!! Where’s the figs?Will-geez-Grandma Will’s a car afficionado, so I figured he’d like this clue!

What, more bushes??! Why me and not Emma??
Ah, but my reward is here, okay, love it!

The grandkids loved the scavenger clue Easter hunt, but it looks like I’ll need to make it even more challenging next year – they got the clues too easily! Here’s the “hunters” with their rewards. Can’t believe my 15-year old grand son is so much taller then me and almost as tall as Dziadzi! And Emma at 12 is my height! They grow up way too fast.


And everyone got one of these treats later.


Usually you fill these darling cone-shaped cello bags with orange candies so they look like carrots. But not in this family! It has to be dark chocolate for my grandson and son-in-law and milk chocolate for the daughter, granddaughter and my sweet hubby (and I had plenty of dark chocolate left over for me!).

After scavenger hunt, I/grandma made everyone play games. I love to play board and card games and we did both for several hours. The only time I get to do this is when the grandkids are here (more moaning and groaning as they get older, but they still indulge me!).


Today we headed for our annual Easter brunch, too much good food, but a great tradition.

JB-TB-brunch Seilers-brunch

BTW-our daughter was “cheating” here and standing on a step so she appears taller than Emma. Emma actually much taller than her mother! Hope you enjoyed your spring weather (or that the snow wasn’t too bad for those of you under the latest snowy and stormy weather alerts). Thanks for stopping by!


The love and joy of spending time with family is more important than money and privilege.

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2 Responses to Easter scavenger hunt was successful, I think?!

  1. Deepa M. says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter – thanks for sharing the pictures! I bet the grand kids had fun despite what they might have said to the contrary. Have a wonderful week!


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