WOW – Yesterday was my dad’s 89th birthday!

My dad turned 89 yesterday and here’s the card I made for him. We celebrated last night at my dad’s favorite restaurant in Austin, The Driscoll Grill with my husband’s brother who also has a birthday today and his wife. Today we’ll have a family brunch. He’s always says he’s celebrating the (he inserts the appropriate #) anniversary of his 39th birthday, but this year he realized his anniversary number is bigger than his birthday. So he is thinking he may have to up that to celebrating the anniversary of his 49th birthday now. I liked the “39th” birthday since that made me even younger – LOL! Changing it to 49 will make me older, darn.


I used a template from Global Design Project (GPD022) and the colors from Brian King’s card and one from Connie Stewart’s SGGW last weekend. I like their cards and templates and put together my own interpretation for my dad’s card. These Stampin’ Up! demos are two of my favorite go to for ideas people! They are incredible.

The inside is a tribute to my father who is a retired WWII Air Force navigator. I knew he’d love the inside.


And I knew what his wish would be – a fire engine red Ferrari! He says it every year. And two years ago we happen to be out to dinner right after his birthday and saw a fire engine red Ferrari parked next to the restaurant! Here’s a picture I took of my dad walking around the car looking at it.

Papaand his red Ferrari

As we were looking, the owner came out and started talking to us. We told him it was my dad’s 87th birthday and the owner asked my dad if he’d like to sit in the car!! I got a picture and my sister got a video of him in the car (neither of which I can’t find right now). But he was so excited and has talked about this for quite a while that year! Made his 87th birthday celebration really special! Not sure we can top that today!

Here’s the supply list for my dad’s card:

Age is just a state of mind, and you are as old as you think you are. You have to count your blessings and be happy. Just like my dad!

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