WHOA…did I drop off this earth?

Kind of felt like it, but no, I’m still here! Just had to finish getting all our tax files organized and into one place. And to do that I had to ban myself from all crafting and card making – boo-hoo! Call it my added incentive to get it all done quickly.

So what always when you’re under a crunch??  Internet failure, again! Lost all our U-Verse internet, TV, and phone! So AT&T came out once again 2-weeks ago and replaced everything. All seemed “A-OK” after the 3-hour repair job as I went back to working on my computer files. But then the strangest thing every happened.  As I was looking at my computer screen, my keyboard started typing all by itself!!??!! What??!! I thought, no way, the kitties must have sat on the keyboard or something. Hmm, no kitties around, checked the keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, all seemed okay. But the computer did not respond to any of my efforts to type or move my mouse. Somehow I finally managed to get the shut-down screen, only to get a warning message that I was about to log everyone off (everyone?? I was supposed to be the only on the computer, or so I thought!) and their work would be lost – did I really want to do that? You bet! Started up again, did the same thing. And I’m a MAC user, this isn’t supposed to happen to us (or at least very rarely)! So I gave up and took my computers (both the old one and the new one were doing it!) into my IT friend and she found viruses on them.

Okay, so back home with cleaned, updated, reformatted and ready to go computers. I got all the files off to our accountant and I’m waiting for a few more 1099 forms to trickle in. Two more today! I thought they had to all be mailed no later than January 31, but I’m finding no one complies with that deadline-argh!

So, Happy Dance, once again. I could go back to crafting or so I thought. Last Friday afternoon I left my computer on and went down to dinner (remember my sweet husband is the cook 🙂 ), but when I came back up about 9:30 to shut it down, it did the same thing?? I’m thinking about now the computers were possessed and maybe they needed an exorcism? In fact I couldn’t get control of them this time so I rushed downstairs to get my spare plug in keyboard (all our “new” ones are wireless) and I was finally able to shut down. Had to do the same thing with my husband’s computer – GEEZ…what did AT&T U-Verse do to us?

Finally after 3 days of futzing with only a plugged in keyboard the “new” computer (now almost 2 years old) was playing nice. I spent the weekend crafting to my hearts delight, taking all the ideas in my head and creating actual cards! Did have a set back with an arthritis flare-up and couldn’t stand at my craft table and had to sit most of the time. But I cranked out 10 cards! Woo-Hoo! And I still have about 10 more in my head to work on to finalize the ideas into cards. Now, what will I do with all those cards?? I made them all birthday cards so I should be ready to go for the first half of the year (almost!).

During all this time crafting I hadn’t turned the old computer on since I had transferred all my files off of it. But, oops I realized as I started to edit my card photos I forgot about transferring my photo editing software. So today I had to go back to the old computer to edit all the pictures to post on my blog. Was going along fine until I stopped for dinner, again (maybe this is a sign I should stop eating – LOL?). Came back up to finish and my virus protection software found another virus! Another one – okay, who’s out there creating havoc for me?? I just want to play with my paper supplies and create cards – leave me be! I did get the photos edited and ready to go (at least I think I did) and my virus software is scanning and quarantining again!

So I ended last night with a sigh, fingers-crossed and several prayers to the computer gods that all will go okay today and I can begin sharing my creations with you once again. Meanwhile, I thought I’d let you see a video about one of Stampin’ Up!s newest Sale-a-bration products – “Party Pants” stamp set that just came out February 16. It looks like such a fun set, I can’t wait to get my order in to get this free set.

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