Lots of hearts for my sweet, adorable husband

I know I can post my Valentine’s Day card for my sweet husband because he never reads my blog! I had so much fun putting this one together. I got the idea from a post from Connie Stewart’s SimplySimpleStamping blog post last year of one her friend’s cards. I loved it and knew this was the one I would make for him this year.

I had a hard time knowing when to stop adding hearts! Did I mention my hubby is so spectacular? So I need a really special, over-the-top card for his Valentine’s Day card! He’s also my chef – he does all the cooking! Yes, I’m a spoiled princess!! And no, you can’t borrow him!

It was fun to pull out all my leftover retired papers and play around with heart sizes and combination. I used two different washi tapes to make the borders across the entire bottom of the card. This is a trip-fold card with 3 different layered heights. It makes a dramatic statement when it’s closed, but…


look at it when it’s opened! And it all fits in our standard Stampin’ Up! medium envelope! That did take some planning both on cutting the card base and then making sure all my hearts were placed such that it still fit! I loved the end results and know my hubby will too! Now let’s just hope he really doesn’t read my blog or his surprise is blown!


Quote for the day:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up…the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. 

~Thomas Edison


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