Oh dear, Internet connection issues, so no post

I love technology, until it doesn’t work like I expect it to do…big sigh! I’ve been dealing with Internet connection and speed issues (getting a ‘whopping’ 5 mb download when I’m supposed to be getting 300 mb!). The technician was here all day (9 am – 4 pm), and we thought it was fixed. But when I tried to begin getting my post ready…disaster, again.  Another 1-1/2 hours on a phone call to trouble shoot, but no go, although I did get up to 17 mb one time during our testing! So we scheduled another technician to come out tomorrow to trouble shoot the wireless issues. It seems if I was hard-wired from the modem to my computers, it would work fine?? Thanks for that great information especially when you say “go wireless for freedom throughout your house”! I would have appreciated a heads up that it might not work as well as wired connections – argh!!!

And that’s why there were no posts from me on Sunday, today and now it looks like tomorrow is also out the window (hmmm, do you think if I threw things out the window it would work better – LOL). Fingers crossed I will be back up and going on Wednesday!


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