It’s Baby week

Several friends are expecting babies and unfortunately I’m missing the baby shower on Saturday. I’m so bummed, but I’ve been looking at all the Stampin’ Up! cute ideas and options I could make for a special baby gift. So many fun baby things that I’m having a hard time deciding. Take a look at these – which one should I make?? Which one would you like to receive if you were the recipient?


I’m leaning towards this darling frame and personalizing it with the date, birth weight and time, especially since she’s having a girl this time. Hint, hint Lekki, would this be a nice gift?


Check back to see what she thought about this gift idea! And here’s what you’ll need if you want to make this frame (you can find the frame at your local craft or box store, rest of things are from Stampin’ Up!).

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2 Responses to It’s Baby week

  1. JB Stamper says:

    Ok, on my to do list once my course is finished. And since you assured me it’s a girl, pink? Or what colors? And like it is or with birth stats? 😄👍


  2. 😀 That would be an awesome gift! Personal gifts are the best 🙂


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