Delayed Sneak peak of my Perpetual Calendar kit

When I received the new annual Stampin’ Up! catalog at the beginning of May, I spent hours looking through it, putting my sticky note tabs on all the things I wanted and started to create my long wish list. One of the first things I ordered during the pre-order month was the Perpetual Birthday Calendar project kit (demonstrators get to see and order all the new things a full month before everyone else, join and you can, too!). I wanted to preview and make it in preparation for my July classes. Alas, after I got my kit, it sold out so quickly that we were told not to plan a class using the kit for several months! Argh…there went that class idea!


I did complete my calendar before setting it aside for a class later in the year. One thing I learned after the fact was that I should have set out the printed pages by month and penciled the month’s name in before starting. Oops – I used a 31-day sheet for November and then when I when to August I couldn’t find a 31-day sheet. So why you ask did I do the November one before August? There were several color themes and I was doing them by color to make it easier to stamp, or so I thought. So you know in crafting there are no boo-boos, just opportunities to be creative! I punched out the “31” from the November calendar, glued it to August with a hand drawn line, then glued a sequin over the hole left on the November calendar. I thought that was brilliant! Here’s the results of my “opportunity to be creative.”

PerpetualCalendar-goof Nov-PerpetualCalendar-goof

Order your kit and supplies below today to make at home, or plan on attending my September “Perpetual Calendar” class and I’ll provide everything you need included in the class fee!

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