Hexagons – Who knew math skills would be handy in card crafting!

This was another of the Paper Pumpkin kits (June 2013) I knew I needed to add “more umph!” to it, but my creative brain just wasn’t working with it for the longest time. Several weeks ago as I was sorting through my unmade Paper Pumpkin kit stash (just an aside – I do make many of the Paper Pumpkin kits the week they come in, but sometimes time gets away from me and I forget them. Do you do that too?).

I looked on Pinterest for ideas on what to do differently with this kit and fell in love with the “hexagon” shape idea from Debbie Henderson’s blog. I added a bow on the outside and a flower, hexagons and the sentiment on the inside.  You can see the flower and several of the hexagons peaking through the punch hexagon areas. It took me quite a few try to figure out how to get the hexagon shape (I should have remembered my math training on using a protractor to create a perfect hexagon. Hmmm, maybe I’m dating myself again. Does anyone know what a protractor is? Do you have one? I still do!). I was pleased with the final look and so were my class attendees!


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3 Responses to Hexagons – Who knew math skills would be handy in card crafting!

  1. How did you cut out your hexagons so perfectly? My punch is a bit bigger than my stamp 😦


    • JB Stamper says:

      All the hexagon pieces were from the Paper Pumpkin kit so there was no punching or cutting. But when I have punched others pieces I just fussy cut around the stamped image after I punched it out (that is if I didn’t want the white edge showing). Or you can skip the punch and just fussy cut the hexagon if you don’t want the white border around the stamped image. But the white border/edge left from the punch can also highlight your stamped image quite nicely.


      • That’s true. But then again, it is hard to make the hexagons line up next to each other. This is my problem with the hexagon stamp set – I don’t put the stickers on because they don’t stick to my block, but I can’t get them to line up super neatly. If I punch, then there are bog gaps (I am awful at fussy cutting!). SU need to make a polymer hexagon set for sure.


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